5 Benefits of Creating a Vision Board

Jan 30th, 2018

Visualization is important. Studies show it can improve motivation, coordination, and concentration, while reducing fear and anxiety.


Some people do this with a vision board – a collage that allows you to lay out your ideal future using pictures and words.


Goal setting is important at every age. SilverCreek on Main residents made vision boards in December. While gathering as a group and being a little artistic is fun, the benefits of vision boards extend much further than that:


1. Refocus Your Life

Many seniors look for a new calling after retirement or a similar life change. Vision boards give you time to press pause and think about where you want your life to go. That may look vague at first, but that can narrow into clearer words later down the road.


2. Stay Motivated

Hanging a completed vision board in a prominent place in your living space is a great way to stay motivated. Every time they look at it, they’ll be reminded of their goal – whether that’s to learn a new skill or to eat healthily.


3. Share What You Love with Others

Creating the boards, especially as a group activity, can be a way to share your goals with others. A vision board can show family members and friends what you truly care about, and it gives your loved ones a chance to help make those goals happen.


4. See How You’re Doing

Vision boards aren’t supposed to be static! Because your life is always changing, no matter what stage you’re at, you should be able to take images and goals off of the board as they are completed and put new ones in their place. This way, there’s a constant stream of motivation, and an easier way to see how you’re doing than writing it down.


5. Feel Good About Yourself

With seeing how you’re doing comes pride in knowing you’ve accomplished something. Accomplishing your goals not only makes seniors feel good, but it also helps them further define their life goals and have a deeper sense of meaning in life.


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