Preventing the Winter Blues

Feb 12th, 2019

Winter can be a difficult time for caregivers, seniors, and their families. The cold, hazardous season gets tough–especially this time of year when the midwest is ready to put away their snow boots and break out the flip-flops, only to be greeted by another foot of snow and freezing temperatures.


There are a few ways that you can stay busy and still enjoy the season, and we like to explore them at SilverCreek on Main in Maple Grove.



Stay Active!

Some people use the colder seasons to explore crafts or catch up on their reading list. Others like to take an exercise class to stay fit and limber during the less-active season.


At SilverCreek, we have a full calendar of events to keep our residents occupied during the winter–and all season long! Our resident can attend many exercise classes, such as chair yoga or Tai Ji Quan (also called Tai Chi) to perfect balance and flexibility. The Club at SilverCreek on Main is also an excellent source for water aerobics and fitness sessions.



Personal Visits

Visiting with friends and family is a great way to thwart the winter blues. If an in-person chat isn’t possible, you can use apps like Skype to chat virtually, or try social media platforms like Snapchat or Facebook to connect with family and friends at your leisure!


Visiting with family and friends is always fun, but don’t forget our furry friends! Every Sunday at Reflections Memory Care, SilverCreek on Main hosts pet visits with Arrow and Michelle. You could also volunteer at an animal shelter, where pets are also in need of some extra cuddles to cheer them up!


Shopping Trips

Our Shopping Shuttle makes weekly trips for our residents. Shopping with–even to help them pick out what they need–is a great way to get out and about during the cold season. Even if you don’t need to make the trip for anything specific, window shopping can be just as fun!




One of the easiest ways to chase away the winter blues is to play a game with friends. Silvercreek hosts weekly games, including ping pong, mahjong, poker, and cribbage. Residents can also play traditional bingo twice a week in the Silvercreek on Main Game Room. If you’ve never played one of these classic games, you should definitely give them a chance–or try something new!


Winter can get even the best of us down. Especially in the home stretch of the season, the lack of sunlight and warm weather has an effect on our mood–and not in a positive way. Combat the winter blues by staying active and spending time with friends and family!


Check out our full list of activities each month at SilverCreek on Main.